My name is Max, but my friends call me BR. Wanna know more about myself or my famous BR-Fins?

Max Brinnich BR Fins



SEEN Episode 3


Custom Made & Handmade in Austria

I am not a big Company! Every BR Fins is handmade by me. They are my babies and all made with Love

Best Materials used

Wanna have the best fin? Then you also need to work with the best materials! G10 is not bad at all - but there is much better stuff waiting...

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Nearly same Durability

People always tell that molded fins are not as durable as G10. Thats maybe right, but if they are produced right it makes not much difference. And you can also sand a Carbon Fin back in Shape

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Handmade with Love

Every fin is made by me, myself and I. I invest hours and much love in every fin - you will feel the difference

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